Wichita Falls FFA
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About the Texas FFA

The blue corduroy fabric of the Texas FFA is a recognized staple despite trends and societal influences. Like the fabric, our pattern of young people has maintained itself as one of the top youth organizations in the nation. Agricultural science education in Texas is recognized nationwide as innovative, coupled with a strong youth program – the Texas FFA – which is a training ground for future local, state and national leaders.

The Texas FFA provides opportunities for both students in urban and rural settings to reach their full potential personally and professionally.  Through agriculture education in the classroom, the Texas FFA provides a unique opportunity to apply the practical application of math, science and critical thinking through programs offered in the Texas FFA.

Approximately 100,000 Texas high school students can choose between 62 potential agriculture education course offerings and another 14 approved innovative courses including Agricultural Algebraic Exploration, GIS/GPS Applications For Agriculture, Animal Biomedical Science, Advanced Agriculture Biotechnology, Veterinary Medical Assistant, and Floriculture.


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